As we like to be dynamic, creative and constantly inspired, there is no fixed menu. But we do have some signature dishes for the festival season:

Thai coconut curry
With this flavorful dish we have fed thousands of people during festival season, when people constantly came back for more. The curry consists of a completely homemade and traditional green curry paste, high quality coconutcream and fresh vegetables. It's served with fluffy jasmin rice and an amazing carrot-ginger-peanut salad.

A very tasty burger made of red rice and lentils, flavored with Ethiopian berbere spices. We serve our burgers on fresh Turkish bread, with pickles, crunchy vegetables, fried onions and a creamy sauce made of cashews.

The best tacos are soft, fresh and entirely made of cornflour. We make our tacos the traditional Mexican way, freshly pressed on the spot from our own cornflour dough. They are stuffed with a flavourful, spiced walnut and lentil mixture, fresh salsa and cashew sour cream.

Our sushirolls are made with all colours of raw vegetables and sesameseeds. We serve our rolls with a delicious orange-miso dip.

Inspired by Colombian and Mexican cuisine, Madame created these original cornflour empanadas. A fried Colombian savory pastry, stuffed with Mexican spiced lentils. These crunchy snacks are served with a fresh tomato salsa.

A traditional Japanese soup with shiitake mushrooms, wakame seaweed and fresh spring onions.

Lentilsoup with sweet potato and/ or pumpkin
Turkish style with cumin and mint, or Asian style with coconut and kaffir lime leaves.

Raw rainbow vegetables rolled in rice paper and served with a coconut-peanutsauce.

Colombian Hot Chocolate
A rich, dark chocolate drink that often makes people come back for refills. Sweetened with panela/ jaggery (unrefined sugarcane juice) and spiced with cinnamon and cloves.

A variety of fruits, spices and plantbased milk blended together in the blenderbike.

Besides serving healthy and nutritious meals, Madame has a bit of a sweettooth as well and loves to make cookies, pies, cakes and other sweets. There is usually something for dessert.

For private bookings the possibilities for the menu are almost endless. We can serve our festival specialties, but can create and entirely customized menu with your favorite cuisines represented. We create all sorts of stews, sauces, soups, snacks and fingerfoods. Please contact us for more information.